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The Next Challenge Starts On August 23rd...

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This Challenge Is Designed To Help You Laser Focus Your Time & Energy On The Most ESSENTIAL Tasks That Will Get Your Real Estate Business On The Right Path Fast. You will learn EVERYTHING You Need To ELEVATE Your Real Estate Game & Re-Engage, Re-Energize, or even Quick-Start Your Business FAST! 
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The Next LIVE Challenge Runs From August 23rd - September 3rd
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Still Not Sure If This Challenge Is For YOU? Ask Yourself...
  • Are You Tired Of Wasting Your Time & Money Trying To Generate Enough Leads So You Can FINALLY Get Your Real Estate Business Kick Started?
  • Are You Growing Weary Of Watching Your Competitors Crush It While You Struggle To Gain MOMENTUM In Your Real Estate Business?
  • Are You Feeling Burnt-Out When It Comes To Your Business And Need To Re-Engage Your Efforts In The RIGHT Place To Make The GREATEST Impact?
  • Are You Ready To Make 2021 Your Year, But You Just Need Some Extra GUIDANCE for Getting Your Business Set Up For Success?
If You Answered Yes To ANY Of These Questions, Then THIS Is The Challenge For You!
Here’s How The Challenge Works…
  • First YOU Have To Accept The CHALLENGE 
  • Next You’ll Register For ONLY $97 
  • Next You’ll Get A Confirmation Email With Some Pre-Challenge Information
  • Add The 10 LIVE 1-Hour Challenge Training Sessions To Your Schedule So You Don’t Miss A Single One
  • Work With Us Hand In Hand To Create Your Ridiculously Effective Real Estate Lead Generation and Follow-Up System & Start Using It Right Away 
  • Take Massive Action To Implement What You Learn In This Challenge 
  • Reap The Benefits, Change Your Business Forever & Enjoy The Ride
"What I’m learning now, I wish I had learned early on. The system works. It follows up and there’s flexibility to customize. We’re able to generate offers in there fast. "
Joseph (Joe) Theriault
Co-Owner of Inherited Property Solutions
Here’s WHAT You’re Going To Learn
Get ready to laser focus in on the most important tasks that EVERY real estate entrepreneur MUST master to succeed in this business — GENERATING LEADS & EFFECTIVE / CONSISTENT FOLLOW-UP.

With LIVE guided TRAINING, COACHING, & ACCOUNTABILITY, as well as the TOOLS & SUPPORT you need to completely set up your RIDICULOUSLY EFFECTIVE FOLLOW-UP SYSTEM, this challenge will lay a SOLID FOUNDATION so you can RE-ENGAGE or QUICK-START your business & gain FULL CLARITY on your path to success. You’re just ‘ONE FOLLOW-UP AWAY!’

The Next Challenge Starts On August 23rd...

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Your Live "Zoom Based" Challenge Schedule

If you can't make it we will post the replay each day for you to review

Week One

Day 1 - The Importance Of Follow-Up

  • Learn how increasing your follow-up and implementing the right system will save you time AND money by enabling you to maximize the leads you’ve already paid for.
  • ​Special Bonus: Receive for Free 30 Days of Touch Lite CRM - (New Members Only)

Day 2 - The Follow-Up System

  • Get ready to roll up your sleeves because we will be walking you through how to set up your follow-up system step by step, and teaching you how to utilize the full automation capabilities of your new follow-up system

Day 3 - Your Ringless Voice Drop Recordings

  • Implement Ringless Voice Drops and get coached through setting up your recordings. 
  • ​Special Bonus: Get the full set of scripts we use in our business for Sellers and Buyers

Day 4 - Philosophy Of Campaigns & Funnels

  • Learn the Philosophy of Campaigns and Funnels from our real estate and marketing experts so you can make your lead gen budget go further. 
  • Special Guest Host: Joining this session will be the leading expert on follow-up strategies in the industry.

Day 5 - The Power Of Relationships & Get Connected 

  • Relationships are everything in real estate. Learn how to utilize industry resources, including learning the importance of networking and finding local “Meet-Up” groups in your area so you can start building your local connections.

Week Two

Day 1 - The Power Of Direct Mail Marketing

  • Start your second week of the challenge off  with your challenge guide who will be walking you through the power of Direct Mail Marketing, how it works, and how you can integrate it into your marketing strategy. 

Day 2- SMS Marketing

  • Learn about SMS marketing, how it works, and how it can improve your marketing strategy. We’ll also talk about text messaging and why it’s important for you to familiarize yourself with the rules and restrictions set forth by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) if you want to avoid the high cost of violations. 

Day 3 - RVM Marketing

  • Learn all about lead generation through Ringless Voicemail Drops. How they help your marketing strategy, and the tools we recommend.

Day 4 - How to Optimize Your Website Funnels for Success

  • You won’t get very far with your marketing strategy if you don’t have a place to send the sellers and buyers you’re marketing to. A simple and basic website creates credibility and can even help you generate leads, but does nothing if your lead funnels don't convert. In this session we David Tamm, one of the leading experts in SEO and Funnel conversions joins us to share the latest strategies for success.

Day 5- Utilize Facebook Ads to Find Buyers and Sellers in ANY Market

  • Industry Superstar and Marketing Expert Cris Chico Will Be Joining Our Challenge As A Special Guest To Teach A Very Special Training Session On Facebook Ads! (They’re The New Virtual Bandit Signs!)

If This Sounds Like A Lot Of Training, It’s Because It IS A Lot!!!

The Value Of This Training Goes Well BEYOND Just $97! 

"I had the leads coming in. I had everything I needed. It was a matter of doing it at that point."
Shawn Kostoff
Wilmington, DE

Meet Your Challenge Guide: Darren Wassell

Your challenge guide has more than 15-years of experience in real estate investing and private lending, as well as extensive experience in coaching real estate entrepreneurs towards success. As the leader of our Member Success Department, Darren works behind the scenes with our members to help them stay consistent, spot signs of trouble, and identify and act on strategic growth opportunities throughout every stage of their business growth journey. With a solid focus on helping real estate entrepreneurs close more deals and make more money, Darren is the perfect guide to get you through this challenge and to help you gain clarity on your best path towards success.

Here’s WHAT You’re Going To Receive
When You Accept The ‘One Follow-Up Away’ Challenge Today!
For Your Small Investment You Will Walk Away With...

  • 10 Coaching / Training Sessions For Each Step Of The Challenge ($2997 Value) 
  • 30-Day Full Access Pass To Touch For FREE! ($97 Value)
  • 30-Day Full Access Pass to Property List Manager for FREE! ($97 Value)
  • ​A Personal Guide Who Will Walk You Through The Entire Challenge Step By Step. ($1997 Value)
  • ​BONUS TRAINING From Marketing Expert Cris Chico On The Power Of Facebook Ads! ($997 Value)
  • ​ BONUS TRAINING From SEO and Funnel Conversion Expert David Tamm! ($997 Value)
Add that all up and your total value of taking the challenge is over $7,000.
Again, All You Pay Is
$97 For All of This

The Next Challenge Starts On August 23rd

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They challenged me to quit my job. That was very intimidating at the time. But that’s what enabled us to really accelerate our growth. I quit in August, and September was our biggest month!
Hannah Ritch and Dustin Hoffman 
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